Endnote X2 and American Sociological Association format

For Endnote users out there, I thought I would post bibliographic code for references in American Sociological Association format.  As I develop and refine these, I will post updates, but this might be helpful at least as a starting point for others users. I have lost the code on a couple of other occasions, and this seemed a community-friendly way to save a backup.

(I use an asterisk * to represent the figure to “Link adjacent text” in Endnote.) Users may need to use their own custom fields or create new ones in some cases.

Journal Article

Author. Year. “Title.” Journal Volume|(Issue)|:Pages|.


Author. [Original Publication] Year. Title|,*Vol.*Volume|,Author. Year. “Title.” Magazine|, Date|, pp. Pages|.*Edited*by*Series Editor|.*Translated*by*Translator|.*City|:*Publisher|.


Author. Year. “Title.” Thesis Type Thesis|,*Academic Department|,*University|,*City|.

Newspaper Article

Reporter. Year. “Title.” Newspaper, Volume|Issue Date, |,*p.^pp.*Pages|.

Book Section

Author. Year. “Title.” Pp.*Pages in*Book Title|, *vol. *Volume|,*Series Title|, *edited*by*Editor|.*City|:*Publisher|.

Magazine Article

Author. Year. “Title.” Magazine|,*Date|,*pp.*Pages|.

Edited Book

Editor,*ed.^eds. [Original Publication] Year. Title|,*Vol.*Volume|,*Edited*by*Series Editor|.*Translated*by*Translator|.*City|:*Publisher|.


Author. Year. Title. Institution|,*City|:*Publisher|. Retrieved*Access Date (URL).

Machine-Readable Data Files

Author. Year. Title| [MRDF]. Producer City|: Database Producer| [producer]. Distributor City|: Distributor| URL| [distributor].

Web Page

Author. Year|, “Title”| Series Title|, Edition.| Retrieved*Access Date, Access Year| (URL)|.

Online News

Author. Year. “Title.” News Service, Date. Retrieved*Access Date (URL)|.

Online Database

Author. Year. “Title.” Retrieved Date Accessed (URL).

Government Document

Author. Year. Title. Series Title, Report Number. City: Department|, Government Body|. Retrieved Access Date (URL).

Conference Paper

Author. Year. “Title.” Presented at Conference Name, Date, Conference Location.

Online Multimedia

Created By. Year. “Title.” Retrieved| Date Accessed (URL).

Unpublished Work

Author. Year. “Title of Work.” Institution, City. `Unpublished`*Type of Work|.



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3 responses to “Endnote X2 and American Sociological Association format

  1. The basic rules for managing without conflict were crafted 2300 years ago – with incredible results. http://davidgjones.authorsxpress.com/2012/05/14/david-g-jones-author-of-the-school-of-sun-tzu/

    • peacesociology

      Thanks for the comment and the reference. Actually, those of us in the field of conflict transformation and peace studies have (I think rightly) increasingly abandoned the idea that we want or need to eliminate conflict. We often need more constructive nonviolent conflict (institutional or political and extra-institutional) that can generate social justice and thus more peaceful human relations.

      • Seems like a management nightmare – just to define the metrics would be mind-boggling. Why not work to control competition (make it a sporting thing) and neuter conflict. Seems cleaner and easier to me.

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